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Michael @ Dymersion

(Somewhat) Daily Happenings

The basics:
-I'm 21 years old.
-I am an alumnus of Manchester High School.
-College? Yes, Eastern Connecticut State University - Major, Communication.
-I maintain mhs2004, so if you're in the Class of 2004 at MHS, pass the word along to all of your MHS Class of 2004 friends.

This journal is friends only. Click the above image, and leave a comment with who you are and you might just be added!

Hello! My name is Michael, and you seem to have stumbled on to my LiveJournal. Contained within is the ramblings of a 21-year old. Please note that this is my journal, and I will post in it what I want (except what breaks the LJ Terms of Service). It may be exciting, sensual, hateful, or just downright boring. If you don't like it, don't read it!

Thank you, and have a good day.

The School Year Discrepancy:
Before I get anxious inquiries about how it was possible for me to attend two elementary schools at once, allow me to explain. I didn't actually do any such thing. I attended Robertson from 1990-1991 for the Head Start program. During 1991-1992, for whatever reason, my parents decided to send me to Bowers for Kindergarten. I resumed schooling at Robertson in Fall 1992 for 1st grade. There you go!